Who are we?

EHG is a holding company headquartered and based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. EHG has a branch office in Dubai, UAE.

What We Do?

We specialize in packaging and enhancing investment opportunities into World class businesses.


We have a talented management team from international background and exposures, that can develop and implement World class business processes.

Our Goals

To become the most advanced corporation from the United Arab Emirates to operate in the global scene.
To become fastest growing company based on profitablitiy and best business practices.
To become a major player in the various industries and technologies that we participate in.


Innovation is our lifeblood. EHG will always innovate itself and reinventing itself in the face of ever changing global markets. We value innovation, and cherish them. We welcomed any new innovations and embrace them.


Our business is based on trust. We worked hard to earn and gain trusts from our business partners and employees. We believe that trusts that we have gained is our most valuable asset.

Best Business and Management Practice

All our activities are based on best business and management practices. Our strong adherence to ethical governance principles in our business practices is our key to success.